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Salient features of what RRB employee shall be getting from Supreme Court Order

Below are some salient features of what RRB people shall be getting from Supreme Court order in SLP 39288/2012:

1. Each and every officer/ employee who retired on or after 01.09.1987, is entitled to get pension exactly at par with the officers/employees of the sponsoring bank.

2. Every officer/employee who joined RRB on or after 01/04/2010, are entitled for NPS exactly at par with officers /employees of sponsoring bank who joined on or after 01/04/2010.

3. Creation of Corpus fund for pension is exclusively the responsibility of the employer.

4. Each and every RRB is bound to implement pension scheme irrespective of their Profit or loss.

5. As per honourable Supreme Court's direction, it is required that the pensionary benefits at par with sponsoring banks be extended to RRB employees within 3 months from the date of order.

6. Each and every retired officers/employees of RRB will get arrears of pension right from the date of their retirement.

7. Last but not least, it's important to mention that benefit which officers and employees who were in bank's service on or before 01/09/1993, are going to get benefit of one additional increment (computer increment) and it's arrear right from November 1993.

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