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Submission of memorandum covering charter of demands to CGM, NABARD by AIRRBEA-TN & Puduvai


AIRRBEA on its Circular No.19 dated 31-01-18 has called for various agitation programs on the following major issues:

  1. Opposition to Privatisation of RRBs – formation of state level RRB under NRBI/NABARD

  2. Pension Parity – withdraw the SLP filed by the GOI in the Supreme Court.

  3. Regularisation of Casual/Daily waged workers. Pending this, ensure payment of minimum wages and other benefits as per Minimum Wages Act, 1948.

  4. Full parity of Other Allowances/Benefits/Service Rule/Promotion Rule/Compassionate Appointment Scheme/Trade Union rights

  5. Scrap S K Mitra Report - adequate manpower with massive branch expansion for better customer service.

As decided by AIRRBEA, today (06-03-2018) our TN & Puuvai unit submitted memorandum covering charter of demands to CGM, NABARD at Chennai. CGM, NABARD assured that our memorandum will be forwarded to Finance Ministry for favorable action. It is inferred that a favorable situation is prevailing in the context of formation state level RRB.

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