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11th Bipartite Settlement - Outcome of 24-10-2017 meeting

Further to the discussions held on 03.10.2017, another round of discussions was held on 24.10.2017 between UFBU (workmen unions) and the IBA.

IBA team consisted of Mr. Rakesh Sharma (MD, Canara Bank and Chairman of the Sub Committee), Mr. B Raj Kumar, Dy Chief Executive, IBA Mr M.K Gupta, GM, Bank of India, Mr. Punit Jain, GM, PNB, Mr. H.C Sati, GM, Allahabad Bank, Mr. T.S Seshadri, GM, Indian Bank, Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh, DGM, SBI, Mr S.K Kakkar, Sr. Advisor, HR&IR, IBA and Mr K.S Chauhan, Advisor, IBA.

Our team was represented by Com. C.H Venkatachalam and Com. B.S Rambabu (AIBEA), Com. S.K Bandlish and Com. Vinil Saxena (NCBE), Com. C.J. Nandakumar (BEFI), Com Subhash Sawant (INBEF) and Com. Upendrakumar (NOBW),

In this round of discussion also, there were further discussions on the issues raised by us in the Charter of Demands.

Issues discussed during the meeting today included the following :

LFC : Some improvement in the distance criteria while on actual travel, reimbursement while on travel by Shatabdi or Rajdhani trains, reimbursement of local sightseeing expenses incurred within the overall entitlement, revised road mileage rate, starting point for commencement of LFC for employees working in North Eastern States, Andaman Nicobar and in the far flung areas in the extreme north not connected by train, LFC entitlement for husband and wife working in the same bank, one more option to choose between two years or four years block, etc.

Leave benefits: Sick Leave beyond 24 years service, accumulation of privilege leave and encashment of the same, notice period for availing Privilege Leave, combining Maternity Leave with other kinds of leave, introduction of Leave Bank, etc.

Disciplinary action: Our demands in relation to modifications in the disciplinary action procedure were taken up and it has been decided to discuss these issues in a separate Sub-Committee consisting of Mr M.K Gupta, Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Com C.H Venkatachalam and Com S.K Bandlish.

Pension and Issues of Retirees: Pension improvement and issues relating to retirees were taken up and it was felt desirable to discuss the same in another meeting jointly when Officers Associations are also present since these are common issues.

HRA: There was a lot of discussion on the need for Banks to provide accommodation/ quarters to all clerical and subordinate staff and in the absence of the same to substantially improve HRA. Issue relating to provision of quarters in Project Areas, Special Economic Zones, etc, were also taken up. It was decided to discuss these issues further after finalizing the total financial cost since improvement in HRA would involve additional cost.

Voluntary Cessation: Issue of providing an opportunity to represent against the final orders of the management and entitlement for pension benefits for such employees was discussed to arrive at a mutually acceptable decision.

Stagnation Increment: Our demand for additional stagnation increment and reduction in periodicity was discussed and the issue would be discussed further after working out the financial implication.

Next Meeting: The next round of meeting will be held on 14.11.2017 when there would be further discussions on our Charter of Demands.

Meeting of Full Negotiating Committee of IBA-UFBU : A meeting of the Full Negotiating Committee of IBA-UFBU has been fixed to be held on 27.10.2017 when core issues like revised pay scales, revised DA formula, quantum of wage increase, etc. would be taken up for discussions.

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