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STEP 1 (Registration):

Fill in the Membership Form by providing valid personal and professional details of you. Your email-ID acts as your unique identifier and cannot be changed later. So make sure you provide a valid and live email-ID. Choose a strong password of your choice.  Click Submit when all required fields are filled in correctly.

  • Make sure you have soft copy of your identity photograph with size less than 2 MB before filling membership form.

  • Identity photograph should be professional clearly showing the face.

  • Upload of irrelevant photograph is prohibited.


STEP 2 (Activation of Account):


The details provided by you will be validated by the administrator. After successful validation, your account will be approved. An email confirming your account activation will be sent to your registered Email-ID. After approval, you can login to your account using your Email and Password provided at the time of STEP 1.

NOTE: Your account will be approved only after validation of details provided by you. If Invalid/Irrelevant details are provided, your membership will not be approved and will be rejected/blocked.

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