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11th Bipartite Settlement - Outcome of 14-11-2017 meeting

One more round of discussions took place between IBA and our Workmen Unions on 14.11.2017 in IBA Office in Mumbai. IBA’s Sub-Committee was represented by Mr. Rakesh Sharma (MD, Canara Bank and Chairman of the Sub-Committee), Mr. V.G. Kannan (Chief Executive, IBA), Mr. B. Raj Kumar(Dy Chief Executive, IBA), Mr. M.K Gupta(GM, Bank of India), Mr. Punit Jain(GM, PNB), Mr. T.S Seshadri(GM, Indian Bank), Mr. S.K Kakkar(Sr. Advisor, HR&IR, IBA) and Mr. K.S Chauhan(Advisor, IBA).

UFBU was represented by Com. C.H. Venkatachalam and Com. B.S. Rambabu(AIBEA), Com. S.K Bandlish and Com. Vinil Saxena(NCBE), Com. Pradip Biswas(BEFI), Com. Subhash Sawant(INBEF) and Com. Upendrakumar(NOBW).

During the meeting, the following issues discussed in the meeting held on 3.11.2017 in the Sub-Group on demands relating to Disciplinary Action and Procedure were informed and further discussion took place.

  • For claiming travelling expenses for defending an employee in the departmental action, existing restrictions of ‘within the state’ be removed.

  • Subsistence Allowance to be improved upon.

  • Indiscriminate usage of Clause 5(j) to be stopped through proper guidelines / definition.

  • Clarification with regard to provision of Clause 6(e) i.e. bringing down by two stages in the scale of pay and applicability of the same to employees who have already reached maximum in the scale of pay.

  • Clarification to be given that minor misconducts clearly enumerated under Clause 7 of BPS dated 10.04.2002 should not be brought as major misconducted under Clause 5.

  • Multiple charges for one incident should not be made out.

  • Punishment order by the Disciplinary Authority not to be implemented till the final disposal of Appeal by the Appellate Authority.

  • Issuance of charge sheet under Pension Regulation to Award Staff after retirement to be stopped since it is not provided in Bipartite Settlement.

  • Awarding the punishment of stoppage of increments should be without affecting superannuation benefits, as in the case of Officers.

  • Provision for appeal against suspension.

  • In case of punishment of dismissals, a provision for Review Authority after Appellate Authority.

  • Deletion of Fine as a punishment.

It was decided that the conclusions on the discussion on these issues would be finalised in the next meeting.

Thereafter, the following issues were taken up for discussions:-

  • Simplified formula for calculation of overtime wages. Unions submitted their views and the issue would be discussed further.

  • On the issue of introduction of Leave Bank providing for voluntary contribution of leave by the employees to a common pool and utilisation of the same for sanctioning leave to those employees who suffer from major diseases and prolonged illness and have not leave to their credit, Unions submitted their Note containing their views and explained their proposal. It was decided to discuss the issue further.

  • On our demands like Child Care Leave for women employees, Sabbatical Leave, Study Leave, etc., it was agreed that Unions would submit a Note for further discussion.

UFBU pointed out that considerable time has elapsed since commencement of the discussions in May, 2017 on our Charter of Demands, but so far IBA has not come forward with their offer on wage increase and hence demanded that the next meeting of the Full Negotiating Committee should be fixed up at the very earliest for this purpose.

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